Friday, April 10, 2009


My little sister Gracie had to get 6 stitches about a week ago! It was so scary and unexpected. Gracie was playing with play dough on the table when she slipped and then hit the table, a chair, and then the floor. This happend around 10:30 that morning. My mom ended up calling the Pocatello Childrens Clinc to see if she needed stitches. We went to the doctor and they wouldn't even touch it. This was around 11:00 that morning. We ended up taking her to the Emergancy Room! I took Meggan and Brock and we waited for them in the waiting room.The Doctor put gracie to sleep with a shot or two and she was out. My Parents called our aunt and uncle and they came and took us to lunch. My Parents meet us at Artic Cricle around 2:30 with Gracie and her poor little head! Luckly she got them out on Monday And is Recovering well! Thank Goodness!!