Friday, November 4, 2011


WOW! Okay so a lot has happend! I started 8th grade! WOW right? 8th grade! We had a dance this week. DA' BOMB btw! :):):):):) I finished cheering for volleyball and football now on to basketball, and competiton is sooo close! Our football team went to the mini dome too! It was so fun cheering for them there! Go FALCONS! Christmas is almost here. really? The year is almost over! I'll be 14 in a little over 6 months. WOW almost driving! I can start DRIVER'S ED in a year, so yeah I'm way pumped! I have gotten into alot of good music, thanks to my best friend! I LOVE MUSIC! The first quarter is over in our school year. I'll being going to high school next year! AHH! SCARY! Oh well... Can't wait! :):):):) I'll try to keep you all updated if you are still reading haha:) Wish me luck with this amazing few months. haha bye:)

Me at the mini dome! Cheering for the Falcon! OH YEAH BABY!:):):)