Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tonsils NO MORE!!!!!!!!

In December I got my tonsils out. It was scary but it didn't hurt to bad. The third day hurt the worst. I have some pictures but they aren't uploaded to the computer yet .I will post them as soon as they are.I am filling much better now and doing great.I am off the soft food and physical activite. So I am having fun. Thank You Mom and Dad for staying by me. Tonsils NO MORE!!!!!!!!


Brooklyn said...

Oooh I'm sorry! I still have my tonsils but Kenna doesn't anymore! Glad you are getting better!

Kristy said...

Hey Makadey it's Paige. How you doing.You should really put something new on you're blog. I am so excited to see you at Shawntell's bap.I have something for you so when you come remind me. See you soon,Paige